Cascade Yearbook 2012-2013

To capture memories: this is Cascade's, Seattle Pacific University's yearbook, mission for the year of 2012-2013. Working with two designers, two photographers, one copy editor, one business manager, and one marketing manager, I was honored to be Cascade's Editor-in-Chief. We focused on creating a product that, while maintaining high quality and consistency, remains inclusive and accessible to all variety of students and groups, and stands out immediately as a unique and beautiful creation. Our theme choice is based on SPU student body's interests and style. Nature, vintage looks, and local feel are our focus for the yearbook. Strong grid, simple layout, and intricate icons help emphasize our concept. The typefaces that we chose are simple and are layed out in a sophisticated and elegant manner. This clean and simple approach is also meant to strengthen the photograps on the yearbook. We carefully chose a matte Lynx paper to support the look that we go for. The copy for the yearbook are written in a witty yet elegant approach. While maintaining our sophisticated strategy, we also want to make the yearbook to be fun, engaging, memorable, and personable for the students.


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